Okocha Victor Chukwunwike, Adams Andrew Attah and Obindu Nwanze
Keywords: Education, Pandemic, Covid 19, Nigeria
Journal of Inter-Disciplinary Studies on Contemporary Issues 2020 6(1), 9-15. Published: March 10, 2023


The world is experiencing and facing most dreaded virus called COVID 19 pandemic, which has held the economy at ransom not exempting the educational sector at all. This pandemic has brought recent changes and disruptions in the educational sector which serves as a catalyst for the development of any nation, this is because any development that quarantines man is no development, as man is epicentre of development. Thus education is the key to success in planning, growth and development. In Nigeria, the closure of schools; primary, secondary, colleges of education, polytechnics and universities by the Federal and State governments was an urgent need to curtail the situation which occurred nearly in all the states of the federation. The government kick- started actions on Covid 19 immediately the World Health Organization (WHO) recognized the disease as pandemic, and schools were asked shut down including other activities. This lockdown has an impact in school calendars, thereby forcing interchanges of school time- tables, examination dates and other activities. Considering these, the study is to conduct and examine the effect of Covid 19 on educational sector in Nigeria.