Faith Lori
Keywords: Covid-19, French, language, education, innovation and challenge
Journal of Inter-Disciplinary Studies on Contemporary Issues 2020 6(2), 53-59. Published: March 11, 2023


This research work titled COVID-19: innovations and challenges in French language education, tends to examine Covid-19 which has ravaged the whole world since its arrival. As a matter of fact, no meaningful activity can take place in such a situation which has to do with lives of human beings. This study examined the origin of Covid-19. It also examined French language education in Nigeria. This has also included the history of French language in Nigeria educational system as well as its teaching and learning in Nigeria. This study equally examined some of the innovations occasioned by Covid-19 especially the online teaching and leaning which has now been introduced in the educational system globally. Also examined are some challenges caused by this global pandemic. The challenges identified have greatly affected the educational system. A good example of it was the poor performance in the Unified Matriculation Tertiary Examination (UTME) organized by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) in 2020. The performance was so bad that for the first time cut-off marks into the University was reduced to as low as 120 for some state owned Universities. This study concluded that there was no equal learning in online classes which is one of the innovations resulting from the pandemic. This study concluded by making some recommendations among others that the government should as a matter of urgency provide and equip with modern digital facilities.