Prevalence and Consequences of Paedophilia among Adults in Isoko North Local Government Area of Delta State

Erumi, B.S.U & Oso, J.
Keywords: Paedophilia, prevalence, adults, Delta State
Journal of Inter-Disciplinary Studies on Contemporary Issues 2020 6(1/2), 76-92. Published: June 19, 2022


Paedophilia is a psychological disorder in which adult or older adults experiences sexual preferences for prepubescent children. Research evidence reveals that fathers; step-fathers and uncles commit extra familial and intra familial sexual acts due to behavioural disorder and intoxicated mood. A convenient random sampling technique was used to select one hundred and twenty male adult and one hundred and thirty young adults for the study. This study examined the prevalence and consequences of paedophilia among adults in Isoko North, Delta State local government area of delta state five research questions and five research hypotheses were formulated to guide this study. Descriptive survey method was applied for the study, the random sampling techniques was used to select 250 adults from five communities in Isoko North, Delta state. A modified 4- point’s liker scale questionnaire with reliability coefficient of 0.73 was used to collect data from the respondents, data collected was analyzed using descriptive statistics (frequency and mean) and inferential statistics (t-test score) at 0.05 alpha level of significant was used to test stated null hypothesis. 66.7% of the respondents agree that the prevalence of paedophilia among adults is high. A high percentage of respondents revealed that children abused by paedophiles have a higher measure of trauma, depression, poor memory and lower level of education. Findings from study showed that pedophilia has significant health effect among adults’ social well-being and its prevalence rate in Isoko North, Delta state local government area was high with total grand mean (x) scores of 3.49 and the consequences of pedophilia act include suicide case, death, sexual promiscuity, Sexually transmitted diseases, psychological traumas etc. Recommendations were made that female academia should be challenged to use incidental teaching methods in their lectures to enhance girl-child education against paedophiles. Adults and children should be taught to yell or scream in situations that an adult tries to molest them. Couples should be able to solve marital problems, so as not to lead to sexual starvation that could later lead to abuse of under aged adolescents. Parents should not trust individuals so much to carter for their children in their absence.