History and its Burden in Nation Building in Africa

Williams Atubi
Keywords: Nation, Nation building, African leaders, Africa
Journal of Inter-Disciplinary Studies on Contemporary Issues 2020 6(1/2), 64-75. Published: June 19, 2022


The paper examines the imperative of nation building in Africa. It explains that historical experiences will help African states to master the past, present and the future as means of handling the problem of nation building. It also throws light on the concept of nations, nation building and highlighting the diverse views of many scholars on the subjects. The paper also discussed the reasons for the nation as states do not possess some or all the important characteristics or determinants of a nation. The paper highlights some of the efforts made by African leaders towards nation building. Finally, the paper also talked about the challenges associated with nation building with specific references to creation of artificial African boundaries, political instability, leadership problem and corruption. Also, recommendations of nation building are established in the paper.