The Role of Geography Education in Natural Resource Conservation

Hope Edore Salami
Keywords: Conservation, Natural Resources, Sustainable development, Geography Education
Journal of Inter-Disciplinary Studies on Contemporary Issues 2020 6(1/2), 58-63. Published: June 19, 2022


The paper discusses the role of geography education in natural resources conservation. It takes a look at the concepts of conservation, natural resources as well as a closer look at the role geography education plays in natural resources development. It recommend that Sustainable development should be thought from the secondary schools to make it a way of life, Conservation of resources should be given a more serious attention and that the notion that natural resources are free gift of nature therefore can/should be used without discretion should be discouraged. The study concluded that measures need to be taken at all societal levels, from international to individual, to protect nature hence the position that geography education can also support the drive to conserve and manage the available natural resources.