The Nigerian Civil Service Work Attitude and Induced Paralyses on National Development

Monday Etumudor
Keywords: Civil service, work attitude, national development, effective performance
Journal of Inter-Disciplinary Studies on Contemporary Issues 2020 6(1/2), 18-30. Published: June 19, 2022


There are noticeable paralyses in the Nigerian society arising from inadequate performance of the Nigerian civil service both at the Federal, State and local government levels. The civil service is supposed to be the bedrock of good behaviour, effective and efficient performance of the general society and the achievement of societal goals. Instead of fulfilling these goals, the civil service is infested with indolence, irresponsibility and other varied negative attitudes which ought to place the society on a right pedestal for growth and development. What we witness is the daily rubbishing of traditional work ethics built around a high moral standard and communal inclination. Today, individualism and its attributes have taken over the basis of civil and societal life. By this work ethics have been altered negatively and is affecting the existence of the Nigerian society. This discourse effectively examined the traditional work ethics, colonial (Modern) work ethics, and reasons for changes in work ethics, the new trends and their effects on the society. The work suggests that our psyche need to be tuned right.