Human Resource Management Challenges in Professional Football League Clubs in Nigeria

Erhuvwu Daniel Obukadeta, Ochukeme Daniel Nikoro, Ochuko Ushurhe
Keywords: Human, resources, management, challenges, professional, league
Journal of Inter-Disciplinary Studies on Contemporary Issues 2020 6(1/2), 1-9. Published: June 19, 2022


The paper addresses and x-rayed the likely human resource management challenges of Nigeria Professional League Clubs as perceived practices programmes or activities which include training and development, compensation and benefits, career advancement, performance appraisal, competency management, recruitment and selection, leadership and development and talent management. Literatures have revealed the inherent problems in Nigerian Professional football Leagues (NPFL) that have made our football leagues unattractive, making Nigerian football fans more committed to European leagues. Nigeria professional football league is a corporation in which football clubs act as shareholders. We need football managers and management that have values for the game. To achieve levels of excellence as in other developed professional football leagues of the world, the NPFL clubs have some challenges which the paper have reviewed under the following subheading: Indiscipline, misplace value of system, Poor remuneration, sign on fees, match bonus, medical, inadequate welfare service in terms of salary/wages, poor quality officiating, disloyalty, Lack of infrastructure, insufficient and poor quality equipment and facilities, funding, tardiness, absenteeism. The paper recommended that the sport owners should put in the appropriate facility and equipment to enable the success of the human resource management challenges in the professional football league club, with this, the improvement of some of the challenges will handle to suit the rules and regulation of sporting activities. In a nutshell, the government should enforce the discipline of professional football league e.g. by putting in place of poor low morale, disloyalty, poor finance/funding, absenteeism and obsolete management skills on Nigerian football league performance.