Technical and Entrepreneurship Education- A Synergy for Combating Unemployment in Nigeria

Johnson Abor Iteku
Keywords: Technical Education, Entrepreneurship Education, Skills, Competency, Unemployment
Journal of Inter-Disciplinary Studies on Contemporary Issues 2019 5(1/2), 116-124. Published: June 14, 2022


This paper examined technical and entrepreneurship education as a synergy for eradicating unemployment in Nigeria. Entrepreneurship education informs and equips individual with the required skills needed to become a competent entrepreneur who create enterprise and provide innovations through modern technologies and create employment as well as boosting economy. The paper revealed that technical and entrepreneurship education is geared towards skill acquisition, to harnessing factors of production, create employment and wealth. The study also revealed that technical and entrepreneurship education in Nigeria is crippled with lacked of trained teachers and equipped workshops and the provision of these will enhance the training which will bring about employability. It was concluded that all government sectors, individual philanthropists and stakeholders should go beyond the formulation of policies and massively allocate adequate funds to build and equip the workshop for the training of technical and vocational education and teaching of entrepreneurship education so as to eradicate unemployment.