The Question of Methodology in Effective Literature Pedagogy

Beauty E. Umukoro
Keywords: Literature, Communicative Competence and Empirical Observation
Journal of Inter-Disciplinary Studies on Contemporary Issues 2019 5(1/2), 12-21. Published: June 14, 2022


Literature plays a vital role in the teaching of English Language and the acquisition of communicative competence. Sadly though, this role has not been sufficiently realized because emphasis is not laid on the significance of the subject in the learning process. There have also been poor or inappropriate teaching methodologies observed in literature teaching at all levels of education. It is very important at this time to consider critically strategies for effective teaching of the subject in order to utilize fully literature?s function as a resource for the teaching of English Language and acquisition of communicative skills. This paper therefore, examines the different approaches or teaching methods to the subject, literature. The paper will also help to identify the most appropriate methods to maximize benefits and get the best result. Through an empirical observation, common classroom learning situations are identified and examined in this paper.